Why Should You Work with An
Independent Company for Your
Servers Rather Than Amazon?

Whenever someone starts to consider getting a digital server, they usually tend to go for the obvious choices. Some of the most popular ones include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and the biggest of them all, Amazon. Amazon Web Servers today are the most widely used web servers across the world. With over 1 million active customers, the company is rapidly growing its customer base due to its pricing policies. On first thought, it can seem like Amazon web servers are the only option when it comes to digital hosting. However, the reality could not be further away from the truth.
Even though it can seem like a great to work with the biggest company in the world, in most cases, it is much better to consider personalized options that are suited towards the well-being of your business. The priority of every company throughout the digital hosting process should be to ensure that its well-being is put at the forefront of the list of priorities.
Today we explore the reasons behind why you should explore independent companies for your servers rather than opting for a mammoth like Amazon Web Services.

Advantages of Opting for Independent Companies

Most sources that give advice on servers are often affiliates of companies like Amazon. This allows them to directly profit off of every referral that they send to Amazon. You want to work with a company that is focused on providing you the best quality of service. The personal level of service quality and other benefits are essential consideration points that must be kept in mind while evaluating the best choice of provider for your company.
Aside from that there, here is a whole range of reasons why you should opt for an Independent Company instead of Amazon. Here are some of the most critical processes that are part of the server monitoring practice.

Personalized Customer Support

With millions of customers, it is not possible for companies like Amazon to efficiently respond to your queries and solve your issues. This often leads to the problem of neglected support tickets, which is one of the most widely reported issues with largescale providers like Amazon. Due to the large number of customers, Amazon has, most clients are just numbers of them. This makes the support process extraordinarily inefficient, and often you are referred to question-answer forums instead of receiving the right support from company officials.
On the other hand, working with independent companies allows you to have exclusive attention because of the limited number of clients these companies have. This will enable them to adopt a personalized support system where you always have access to 24/7 customer support staff that is there to support your personal needs. This can be great support especially during challenging times where you are looking to have the best possible support system to help you through your troubles.

Cost-Efficient Pricing Methods

Even though conventional wisdom makes it seem otherwise, purchasing servers from independent companies allow you to access much lower rates because of the lack of marketing costs affiliated to the products. These companies are often looking to make a small profit throughout the process, keeping their focus on ensuring that customers can have reliable services at affordable pricing ranges. These cost-efficient pricing methods are a significant reason that independent companies can be a much more cost-effective option.
Even in direct comparison, it can be easy to evaluate that independent companies can offer much lower prices due to the lack of affiliated company costs and maintain a much better quality of service.

Platform Reliability

By procuring services from Amazon, customers can often develop a dependency on the platform. This can have highly negative results in case there is an outage of the Amazon Web Server as experienced by companies like Upwork when the outage of Amazon Web Server services led to massive slowdowns in website performance and general downtimes leading to millions of dollars in direct losses for the companies involved in procuring these services. It is a much better idea to go for independent providers to avoid this potential issue.

Supporting Small Businesses

Most companies providing independent server services are Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). These SMEs are often growing companies that are reliant on every customer to contribute to their profit and grow as a company. On the other hand, companies like Amazon are trillion-dollar enterprises that have expansive global businesses. Contributing to the small businesses by opting to purchase their products and services can be a great way to support these businesses while receiving attentive services.

Customized Server Plans

Customized server plans are an excellent way for small companies to configure the plans to match their specific needs. Due to their large customer base, companies like Amazon are not focused on individual customers, making it unfeasible for them to offer customized plans to users with personal attention. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, are open towards offering customized server plans with individual resource allocation to ensure that customers can have their desired plans.

Technical Support Fee

From configuration to general debugging, Amazon charges a technical support fee to assist with core configuration issues to its customers. This can be highly unfeasible for customers as the charges result from problems with the platform itself. Smaller companies, on the other hand, do not charge this fee to assist with configurations and any other issues that come along the way. The technical support fee in this regard can be a significant hurdle for individuals to take the step forward and receive assistance.

Even though it can seem highly alluring to opt for Amazon Web Services and other leading Cloud Storage providers as the right options, in reality, these options often come with a wide range of disadvantages that are not widely known. It is essential for small businesses to realize the importance that personal level connections have in problem-solving in creating growth. The personal nature of problem-solving is found mostly in smaller companies that are focused on providing high-quality services rather than having a purely numbers-oriented approach.