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Our Data Center

CoreSite's LA2 facility at 900 N Alameda is an elegant building that was built in 1940 as a Postal Annex. It was the central mail processing facility for Los Angeles until 1989. Now it disposes of 424000+ sqft space of scalable data center deployments including cabinets, cages, private suites and build-to-suit options and rooftop space. CoreSite's LA2 data center provides unmatched scalability and connectivity. Designed to support high-density, high-scalability requirements and tethered via high-count dark fiber LA2 offers customers a global gateway with access to hundreds of cloud, network and IT providers needed to build a holistic hybrid IT solution.

Our Infrastructure

The current infrastructure was designed with stability and performance in mind. Our switches are brand new Cisco Nexus 10G. They are configured in cluster mode, which allows us to connect one servers in two switches and create a LACP virtual port channel. Our technology regarding compute nodes is the latest state of the art, Intel Scalable Processors, each compute node having 80 CPU vCore and 512G of DDR4 LowLatency RAM. All this hardware is being brought into light by a bleeding edge KVM Hypervisor solution, that allows us to create both containers or hyper virtual machines. The entire architechture is designed specifically to use a clustered storage using CEPH. The CEPH solutions allows us to keep every bit of data replicated 3 times on 3 different storage nodes so your information is secure.

Which Virtual Server Plan Is Right for You?

Virtual Servers Plans


$ 25 /per month
CPU - 2 Cores
IP addresses - 1 IP
Bandwidth - 2TB


$ 35 /per month
CPU - 2 cores
IP addresses - 2 ip
Bandwidth - 3TB


$ 99 /per month
CPU - 4 cores
Disk 100 GB
IP addresses - 4 IP
Bandwidth - 4TB


$ 160 /per month
CPU - 8 cores
Disk 120GB
IP addresses - 4 IP
Bandwidth - 8TB

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Why Take the Leap to Virtual Servers?

A New Dimension of Digital Space


Extremely Flexible Solutions

With easy maintenance, our Virtual servers allow you to experience a whole new level of flexibility.


Virtualization Ability

With Servers Factory’s global network, you can experience seamless utilization thanks to virtualization.


24/7 Support

Our support team is available around the clock to fulfill any queries you might have.


Lighting Fast Speeds

Servers Factory Virtual Servers allow you to experience quality that is a notch above shared hosting options.


Worry-Free Security

All Virtual Servers are entirely separate in terms of their storage and use. This allows you to be safe from any possible security threats to your website.

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Reliable Backups

Our digital environment is tailored to ensure that you are able to make backups of your data multiple times a day conveniently.

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