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Servers Factory’s Dedicated Servers Plans

HP Proliant DL120 Gen7 4 LFF

$ 115 /per month
E3-1240, 8 GB RAM
2 x 240 GB SSD
Delivery time 3 business days ( 1-2 days on request)

HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 4

$ 109 /per month
E3-1240v2, 8 GB RAM
2 x 240 GB SDD
Delivery in 3 business days ( 1-2 days on request)

HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 2 V2

$ 129 /per month
E3-1240v3, 8 GB RAM
2 x 240 GB SDD
Delivery in 3 business days (1-2 days on request)

HP Proliant DL20 Gen9 2 LFF

$ 185 /per month
E3-1240v5/v6, 8 GB RAM
2 x 240 GB SDD
Delivery in 3 business days (1-2 days on request)


$ 109 /per month
E3-1230v6, 8 GB RAM
2 x 120GB SSD
Delivery in 3 business days (1-2 days on request)

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Comprehensive Infrastructure

Servers Factory utilizes top-of-the-line SSD storage options to ensure that your servers are always running at blazing fast speeds. Along with our fault-tolerant configuration ensures that your sites are always up and running.


Utmost Flexibility

In a corporate environment, having the ability to make split-second decisions makes all the difference. That is why we give you the flexibility to quickly scale your server environment from a small business to a large enterprise.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your total satisfaction is of the utmost priority to us. That is why we are working across the board to ensure that you get the best possible product support.


Complete Server Control

We allow you to have total control over the way your Server is configured. From basic storage-oriented configurations to email-related tasks, server control will enable you to take independent server configuration to the next level.


Assured Server Security

We understand how vital server security is for our clients. That is why all our servers are protected with cutting-edge security measures and encryption to keep your precious data protected.

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